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August   8%

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Herdpaths from Friday

"Six of us pushed through the heat and humidity to do the six pack of peaks backwards starting at Peekamoose road and ending at Moon haw road. Most of the group was starting to wilt as we ascended Balsam Cap thankfully realizing that we only had one more climb to do before our final descent. " - Nimblefoot, Jul 1, 2018
"Tim B. joined Laura and I for a romp in the white fluff to tag Friday and Balsam Cap for Laura’s Grid. Nice quiet day with great company and wonderful views. Much warmer than the past week." - Nimblefoot, Jan 2, 2018
"Laura, Steve and I were joined by Tim and Tom for a nice romp up to Friday and Balsam Cap on a beautiful day. Laura led us up to the canister on Friday then after a snack stop she decided to have me lead the group to BC for our lunch. The warm temps and blue sky encouraged us to enjoy a leasurely rehydration and snack period upon getting back to Moonhaw road. " - Nimblefoot, Sep 12, 2017
"Laura, Steve and I did a loop of Friday, Balsam Cap, Rocky and Lone from the Denning TH on beautiful summer day. For a holiday weekend there wasn't many campers along the Neversink. The black flies were back mainly on the summits and once the temperature warmed up." - Nimblefoot, Jul 3, 2017
"Tim joined Steve and I for a romp on the bushwhack range visiting the summits of Friday, Balsam Cap, Rocky and Lone mountains. Comfortably warm temp. that brought out the biting bugs in the afternoon." - Nimblefoot, Jun 20, 2017



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