3,622 ft / 1,103 m


243 ft / 74 m


64 summits

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March   15%

June   10%

January   9%

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Herdpaths from Friday

"Tim B. joined Laura and I for a romp in the white fluff to tag Friday and Balsam Cap for Laura’s Grid. Nice quiet day with great company and wonderful views. Much warmer than the past week." - Nimblefoot, Jan 2, 2018
"Laura, Steve and I were joined by Tim and Tom for a nice romp up to Friday and Balsam Cap on a beautiful day. Laura led us up to the canister on Friday then after a snack stop she decided to have me lead the group to BC for our lunch. The warm temps and blue sky encouraged us to enjoy a leasurely rehydration and snack period upon getting back to Moonhaw road. " - Nimblefoot, Sep 12, 2017
"Laura, Steve and I did a loop of Friday, Balsam Cap, Rocky and Lone from the Denning TH on beautiful summer day. For a holiday weekend there wasn't many campers along the Neversink. The black flies were back mainly on the summits and once the temperature warmed up." - Nimblefoot, Jul 3, 2017
"Tim joined Steve and I for a romp on the bushwhack range visiting the summits of Friday, Balsam Cap, Rocky and Lone mountains. Comfortably warm temp. that brought out the biting bugs in the afternoon." - Nimblefoot, Jun 20, 2017
"Nine of us converged at the Denning trailhead to search for a cave on the side of Friday mtn. The search was a bust but we did manage to summit Friday then Balsam Cap on our way over to Rocky and Lone mtns and back to Denning." - Nimblefoot, Apr 29, 2017



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