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Bald Mountain Trail


  • Bald Mountain is a peak in the western Uinta Mountain Range.
  • It is an easy hike from Bald Mountain Pass and has spectacular views of the surrounding areas.
  • The mountain is home to mountain goats, pika, and many species of wildflowers.
  • Because Bald Mountain is a relatively easy hike, it is among the most popular major mountain hikes in Utah.
  • The hike to the summit can be completed in 2 to 3 hours round trip. The trail gains 1,250 feet of elevation in 2 miles.
"I had been wanting to go up and do this one, but when a friend told me he wanted to go up and get 4 New Geocaches, I was all over it. This a fun hike that you can bring the whole family out to. The only thing that might slow you down on this one is the lack of Oxygen. It is a easy climb, with breath taking views. We were up there later in the afternoon and we got to enjoy the hike down with the Mountain Goats that hang out in the area. A fun trip." - CacheMACS, Aug 24, 2012


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