1,080 ft / 329 m


300 ft / 91 m


24 summits

Top climbing months

November   25%

January   16%

June   12%

Most climbed route

R-D trail

"Enjoying a wonderful Fall day, breezy with a sunny blue sky, in Harriman and Bear Mountain SP. Visiting the summits of Dunderberg, Bald, The Timp and West Mountain. Nice sweeping view looking north over Bear mountain with its memorial tower." - Nimblefoot, Oct 12, 2018
"Did a loop of The Timp, Bald Mtn and Dunderberg Mtn with the wife from 9W south of Jones Point. Shared the open summit with other hikers after having The Timp to ourselves. Some younger folks had a nice hammock set up on top but took it down before I had chance to use it.....ah siesta time!" - Nimblefoot, Jun 18, 2016
"Did an out and back hike of Dunderberg and Bald Mtns from the Doodletown area on rt 9D. After visiting Dunderberg I bopped up Bald and took in the view over to Bear Mtn and up the Hudson. My descent was a bit slippery with the wet rocks and piles of oak leaves hiding ankle twisting hazards. " - Nimblefoot, Dec 27, 2015
"Did a loop hike of the Timp-Torne and Ramapo-Dunderberg trails from Jones Point. After lunching on top of The Timp I headed over to Bald Mtn for another excellent view of Bear Mtn, Anthony's Nose and up the River." - Nimblefoot, Jun 25, 2015



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