10,568 ft / 3,221 m


1,008 ft / 307 m


13 summits

Top climbing months

July   38%

August   30%

September  23%

Most climbed route

Avalanche Peak Trail

"Second day in Yellowstone and first peak of the day, which turned out to be filled with some pretty great climbing. Met a nice couple from Wisconsin at the summit who took my picture." - Christopher, Aug 1, 2012
"Outstanding views of the Absaroka Range in eastern part of Yellowstone. We saw our first and only grizzley bear, while hiking. It was near the summit - feeding on seeds from the whitebark pines in the area. Fortunately there were a few other people on the trail at that same time, so it didn't bother us. From the summit, you can even see the Grand Tetons in the far off distance." - SmokyMountainHiker, Sep 5, 2001


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