Tirol peaks

4,129 peaks

Highest peak


12,460 ft / 3,797 m

Most summited peak


47 summits

Most prominent peak


7,949 ft / 2,423 m prom

Tirol summits

650 summits

First Ascent Awards

357 of 4,129 peaks 8%

Top climbing months

August 27%

July 17%

June 9%

Tirol mountains highlights

"Beautiful day with great sunny weather and no wind at all. The only disssapointement is the last few hundred meters to the summit are on steep lose rocks/little kiezel. Very annoying walking and could be dangerous if more people are on the mountain. You better take a helmet." - Hochwanner, martin-nijboer, Oct 19, 2017
"Me, Misko Taneski and Aleksandar Tatalovic - Tatko went to climb Grossglockner on September 12 and the weather was terrible but somehow we manage to arrive to the Studlhutte in a storm thanks to two chech guys who found the way in the snow. We spend the night there and the day after we started going for the summit. The weather was perfect but a lot of snow felt the previous day so it was hard to walk. When we arrived to the next hut Tatko felt a little tired because he wasn't practicing mountaineering long time so he made a brave decision and stopped there telling us that he made his goal for " - Grossglockner, FilipVasileski, Sep 13, 2017
"This was a day walk during a weeks holiday in Niederau. On an overcast morning in the village, we used the cable car to get to the ridge of the Markbachjoch and luckily we were soon above the cloud, to see the surrounding peaks visible above the clouds. Magnificent inversion. We walked W along the undulating ridge, then left the main path to ascend steeply through woods, past the top of another ski lift, then up to the summit of the Lahnerskopfl. We then dropped to a col with a small wooden church, then up steeply to the summit of Rosskopf. The summit has a footpath signpost on the highest p" - Rosskopf, davidlong, Jul 21, 2017
"We did this ascent as a day walk from Niederau as part of a weeks holiday there. We walked from Niederau to Hopfgarten, approx 4 miles on tracks and minor roads, via small hamlets and farms near Penningdorf. It was a hot sunny morning. There is a small ascent, followed by a descent of almost 300m down to Hopfgarten. As the weather forecast was for thunderstorms and heavy rain in the late afternoon, we decided to speed up the ascent of Hohe Salve by taking the cable car to the middle station at 1200m and walk the remaining 600m to the summit. Here we enjoyed hazy views, as the clouds were buil" - Hohe Salve, davidlong, Jul 20, 2017
"A day walk during a weeks walking holiday based in Niederau. Started the ascent from nearby village of Oberau, taking trail 11 signed Minzweg from near the large church. Steady ascent through alpine pastures and woods, passed a few isolated farms. it was a hot sunny day with good views to the other nearby peaks. After an hour and 15 minutes uphill we reached Achtenalm, 1180m a mountain hut where refreshments are served. From here, still on trail 11, it is only a further 200m of ascent to the 1st summit Kragenjochkreuz 1387m. Here at the cross is a good viewpoint. The summit is a further 25 mi" - Kragenjoch, davidlong, Jul 18, 2017

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