Salzburg peaks

1,801 peaks

Highest peak


12,027 ft / 3,665 m

Most summited peak


28 summits

Most prominent peak


7,155 ft / 2,180 m prom

Salzburg summits

674 summits

First Ascent Awards

268 of 1,801 peaks 14%

Top climbing months

August 13%

December 13%

February 12%

Salzburg mountains highlights

"3rd day of 3-day long hike in Berchtesgadener Alps. Achieved peak Schneibstein in the morning then long descent thru Schlum valley down to Golling waterfall, where we parked car. Start early in the morning - it is a long hike with total descent over 2000 metres! But valley is very nice. Route:" - Schneibstein, Rikitan, Oct 11, 2014
"Second day of 3day long hike in Berchtesgadener Alps. Hike on ridge of the mountains through highest peak Hoher Goll (2522m). Route: " - Hoher Göll, Rikitan, Oct 10, 2014
"Walk from Pichl nr Schladming, up to Reiteralm, around lake. Hot sunny day, then up past several more small lakes,steep ascent to summit of Schober, drop back to small lake, then up to Rippeltegg summit, v busy but good views. Then along easy ridge to summit of Gasselhohe. Easy path down to main lake, good circular walk, but busy." - Gasselhohe, davidlong, Aug 1, 2014
"#47 in Austria by prominence #148 in Alpine Peaks by prominence more than 1000 meters of prominence (1070m) so, at least three reasons to climb it. I took southwest trail on the way up. Which was quite easy go. However it's quite steep and can be tricky during or after the rain. Excellent views from the top. South side of the peak looks like ~600 meters rocky wall. Very rewarding. I decided to go back via northeast trail. Which is a bit longer however there are few more peaks on the way. Hundred or so meters is a kind of grade 2 climb. Chains are secured in all places where needed. Tra" - Gamsfeld, Deividas, Aug 21, 2013
"Went up with the car and walked around on top of the mountain. Went down again by car, but found out on the way that the brake pads were worn out. So it was an adventure after all..." - Edelweißspitze, Adrian, Aug 1, 2012

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