Oberösterreich peaks

1,815 peaks

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9,671 ft / 2,947 m

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14 summits

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Grosser Priel

5,587 ft / 1,703 m prom

Oberösterreich summits

220 summits

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100 of 1,815 peaks 5%

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July 28%

August 24%

June 16%

Oberösterreich mountains highlights

"A circular walk on the limestone karst landscape on the Dachstein Plateau. We took the two-stage cable car up from Obertraun to the Krippenstein station. After admiring the view of the Dachstein range we descended on a broad track under the ski tows to a col on Trail 661. Diverting onto Trail 664, we continued in a south-easterly direction around the north flank of Margschierf to the shark sculpture and onwards to Heilbronner Kreuz. Heading north-west, we followed Trail 661 through the bare karst landscape. The trail was well-marked in the wilderness, taking a circuitous route over crags a" - Margschierf, marktrengove, Aug 17, 2017
"For details of the ascent of Margschierf prior to our ascent, see under that mountain. We followed Trail 661 north-west to the col, then steeply on the stony track under the ski tows to the summit, stopping for lunch before at the Lodge am Krippenstein. To complete the circuit we took the tourist path down to the Five Fingers viewpoint, then back up to the cable car station. With ALT. Hot, dry and sunny." - Hoher Krippenstein, marktrengove, Aug 17, 2017
"With my Father and Brother a quick Trip before I have to be back to the Ship. Have been here in November of last Year and the Ferrata was not ready yet. So I was curious how it worked out. Well done and though. Four short different Routes to choose from but neither one is easy. B/C Class for the easy one and up to D/E for the more difficult ones. Not very long tough but exciting and Fun Scramble on Wire Ropes, and Steel Ladders. " - Beisteinmauer, Nuernberger, Sep 6, 2014
"Finally a better weather and more People are Hiking now. Schieferstein has a little of everything, It starts off with a Trail and near the Top it has some nice scrambling along the Ridge. " - Schieferstein, Nuernberger, Aug 28, 2014
"Another Day dodging the Rain, Just enough time in between the Rain to get a few Peaks. Today was not any different. All Peaks close to home which I have done multiple times (but never recorded) during School break when I was younger. My Plan was actually to do some High Peaks in Tirol but with this weather and Snow to well below 2000 Meter there is not much other option. So make the best out of this Situation and revisit the Mountains and Hills close to home. " - Freithofberg, Nuernberger, Aug 26, 2014

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