Niederösterreich peaks

2,475 peaks

Highest peak


6,811 ft / 2,075 m

Most summited peak


10 summits

Most prominent peak


4,422 ft / 1,348 m prom

Niederösterreich summits

114 summits

First Ascent Awards

66 of 2,475 peaks 2%

Top climbing months

April 20%

October 14%

August 12%

Niederösterreich mountains highlights

"A Nice Trip to the Highest Mountain in Lower Austria, The Weather could have been better nevertheless it was a great Fitness Hike. The Schneeberg, with its 2,076-metre (6,811 ft) high summit Klosterwappen, is the highest mountain of Lower Austria, and the easternmost 2000 m-high mountain in the Alps" - Klosterwappen, Nuernberger, Aug 17, 2014
"Home Sweet Home. This is my Mountain to go first once I return home. Many times times been there and every time its interesting again. Look out Tower is unfortunately closed at this time." - Plattenberg, Nuernberger, Aug 15, 2014

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