New South Wales peaks

3,448 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Kosciuszko

7,309 ft / 2,227 m

Most summited peak

Mount Kosciuszko

43 summits

Most prominent peak

Mount Kosciuszko

7,309 ft / 2,228 m prom

New South Wales summits

251 summits

First Ascent Awards

94 of 3,448 peaks 2%

Top climbing months

December 14%

April 12%

May 10%

New South Wales mountains highlights

"Family trip up Mt Kembla using the Mt Kembla Summit Track from Cordeaux Rd. Improvements made since my last trip with chains around lookouts and certain sections of the rocks, even a step ladder put in near the top plateau. Track still very well worn through regular use. Slow going due to kids but fun anyway. " - Mount Kembla, Julian4077, Mar 31, 2018
"Mt Westmacott is accessible from the Mt Westmacott Walking Track we accessed from a fire trail/service trail name 108 Management Trail. The track is marked with white paint on a rock and dotted with white paint dots through the bush to the summit. The track is about 15 minutes from the 108 Management Trail. The track is not well maintained but usable. The last few metres require some scrambling up rocks. Easily achievable even for my companion, my seven year son. " - Mount Westmacott, Julian4077, Mar 3, 2018
"Loftus Trig (Peak 156m) Entry for Loftus Trig Trail off Farnell Ave. There are two entries off Farnell Ave. We took the western-most due having a small member of the party and not up for a long hike. The track is flat, wide and clearly marked. The Track is about 1.5 km long . The high point is actually a Trig Station (see image) - Loftus Trig. There is no peak or points of prominence." - Loftus Trig, Julian4077, Feb 18, 2018
"Simple climb up a well maintained NPWS track. Total climbing/ascending time was about 2 hours (don't go by the time on the NPWS website - it's drastically over estimated. Unfortunately views out to Pigeon House and The Castle were obscured by clouds. Recommend when the forecast is for a clear day. " - Mount Budawang, Stevejme, Jan 4, 2018
"Took the shorter but steeper walking track. Around a 1.2 Km hike, with a 200 m climb. Good views until you enter the treeline. Trig at the top, but views not great due to trees." - Mount Banks, VK1DI, Sep 27, 2017

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