7,513 ft / 2,289 m


7,513 ft / 2,289 m


11 summits

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March   35%

August   35%

February   11%


  • Highest peak in the Japanese island of Hokkaido
  • An active stratovolcano currently with steam & gas activity from fumaroles
  • A winter ski destination known for getting huge amounts of snow: Asahidake Ski Resort lies on the mountain and backcountry skiing its slopes is popular
  • Lies in mountainous Daisetsuzan National Park, the largest national park in Japan at 2,267 sq km
"Ascended into the clouds. 10 others descended in the cloud and fog down the ridge. We pushed onto the summit. Decided to ski the backside in a nauseating zero visibility fog. Contoured back to gondola in a full whiteout. 6 hrs round trip." - alexjoseph, Feb 6, 2018
"Easy half day hike from top of ropeway. Fumaroles were very active. If I had more time, I would have liked to do a multi peak loop around the daisetsuzan group to avoid all the tourists" - seancasserly, Aug 9, 2017
"Top 5 ski days in lifetime. First bluebird day in a week. Summited Asahdake (highest in Hokaido) then did a 1100m descent traverse off the north side...crud to powder to wind blown ramp to volcanic crazy landscape contouring and finally powder shot to valley bottom. One skin up and then long skinless run all the way back to hostel." - alexjoseph, Feb 17, 2015



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