823 ft / 250 m


570 ft / 173 m


27 summits

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July   14%

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September  14%

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Radical Road

"Walked to Holyrood Park from Princes Street. Then up Salisbury Crags 174m from St Margaret's Well, Then down to Gutted Haddie to the park road. Followed it east and north, followed by an ascent of Dunsapie 145m. Then up a path east to the summit, reaching it in time for sunset. Then descended down to St Margaret's Well again, and along the Royal Mile. With AR on a lovely autumn evening. " - marktrengove2, Sep 20, 2016
"While the Ship was in South Queensferry, I took a Taxi ride to nearby Edinburgh (Scotland)and hiked the up Arthur's Seat. Beautiful weather which is rare for this time of the year. Gorgeous view overlooking the entire City of Edinburgh and far beyond. A well worth a trip. Hundreds of other People had the same idea. " - Nuernberger, Sep 14, 2013
"A brisk walk up Arthur's Seat on New Year's Day to blow away the cobwebs, and boy, did the strong winds do that! There were many others out and about up there, perhaps hoping to overcome Hogmanay-induced hangovers." - isabellehatfield, Jan 1, 2013
"Wow ! What a beautiful place. I was really lucky when I visited Arthur's seat because it was lovely sunny day and Neil and I just loved it. You can see whole town from the hill and the views were outstanding. The surrounding are lovely and atmosphere is peaceful. Highly recommended " - mary.wright.35977, Jul 29, 2012
"Hiked up in fog with almost zero visibility, which was disappointing because the views of Edinburgh from up top are supposed to be stellar, but the fog made for some wonderfully miserable/bleak photos" - trevorhuxham, Feb 10, 2008



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