4,445 ft / 1,355 m


131 ft / 40 m


131 summits

Top climbing months

July   19%

September  15%

August   15%

Most climbed route

From Gothics


  • Armstrong Mountain is part of the Great Range of the Adirondack Mountains.
  • The climb includes a ladder and fixed cables.
  • Armstrong Mountain is flanked to the southwest by Gothics and to the northeast by Upper Wolfjaw Mountain.
"Hiked a Armstrong, Gothics, Pyramid, Sawteeth loop from the Ausable Club. I ascended up from Beaver Meadow falls and then over to Armstrong. The clouds at this point were dancing in and out and when I reached Gothics the summit was completely socked in. I sat there and enjoyed some companionship with a few newly made friends and just when we about to leave the clouds lifted, as if someone had hit a lightswitch, leaving us with an amazing view. I continued down over Pyramid and up to Sawteeth before dropping down the Weld Trail and on a side trip to Rainbow Falls. " - Right-On, Oct 10, 2018
"Parked at St. Huberts and headed to the AMR gate to hike the lower great range. Hiked down the Lake Road and started up towards Lower Wolfjaw first. Saw some deer on my way up. Headed from Lower to Upper Wolfjaw where I stopped to drink a beer and met three nice Canadians that wished they brought a beer to enjoy on the summit. Continued on to Armstrong and hung out enjoying the view before deciding to call it a day and head down back to the car since it was already 2:30pm. Loooong walk out to get back to the car. " - Kim-Stilson, Sep 19, 2018
"Fin de semaine camping et rando en solo. Je peux finalement décoller en vitesse vendredi vers 18h30. Je me dépêche et j'oublie de quoi mais je n'arrive pas à savoir quoi... Traverse les frontière, attrape l'orage au USA et voilà que la mémoire me revient.. J'AI OUBLIÉ MES BOTTES DE RANDO!!!! Il est vraiment trop tard pour faire demi-tour. Je vais faire ma fds en running. Mud season ou pas?!?! En fait ce n'était pas si pire que ça. Là où il y a de la bouette et de l'eau, il y a aussi des roches sur lesquels je peux sauter! J'entame mon premier sommet des 6 prévus à l'horaire. En revenant sur me" - fsoucy76, Jun 2, 2018
"Gnarly day gettin pitted with the bros given her a full send on lower and upper wolfjaw, armstrong, pyramid, gothics, and sawteeth. Not many views due to the clouds but all in all a righteous day. " - LGH-Topple, Oct 14, 2017
"Successful Lower Great Range loop, with a couple wild and crazy guys! Rocks were a little wet from rain the night before, and the cloud cover stole some summit views, but when we could see the foliage was on point! Being an aspiring 46er is hard when I live in CO, but I’m hoping to knock a few off a year until I get it done!" - LGH-Dan, Oct 14, 2017



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