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22,841 ft / 6,961 m

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22,841 ft / 6,961 m prom

Mendoza summits

39 summits

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January 48%

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Mendoza mountains highlights

"Me and my cousin Stefan climbed Aconcagua via the normal route in 15 days. This was my second attempt after 2011 when we turned back from camp Berlin because of the snow storm. We were lucky this time and the weather was perfect!" - Aconcagua, FilipVasileski, Feb 6, 2015
" Me and my fiancee flew into Mendoza and got checked in to our hotel. The next day we got our money exchanged, permits, the remainder of our food and last minute supplies like white gas and other things. We took a bus out on the third morning and got set up with our mule providers and started the hike to base camp stopping at Confluencia camp for two nights to acclimatize. It's here we discovered that the rumors are true about the high levels of magnesium in the water. Imodium turned out to be the only drug I used on the mountain. Once at Plaza de Mulas we took a rest day then carried " - Aconcagua, Yosemike, Feb 2, 2015
"I avoided the normal route due to reports of crevasses (I soloed the peak). I went straight toward the peak from the col just wnw of San Jose Norte, losing about 1,300 feet on the way to my final high camp at 16,700'. It is a good way to go if you are soloing as there really are no crevasses, but you definitely do need crampons and an ax. The route is easy, but the peak is big and high! I spent 5 nights total for the approach, climb, and descent. " - Cerro Marmolejo, tombrown, Feb 22, 2012
"Llegamos el sabado a la mañana al campamento Las Veguitas. Aclimatamos todo el dia. Al otro dia, como a las 6 am, empredimos la subida a los cerros Adolfo Calle y Stepanek. Hicimos los dos cerros en el dia. A las 8 pm llegamos al campamento. Al otro dia, dejamos el campamento y regresamos a la ciudad de Mendoza. Me acompañaron Yamil y Pablo. El tiempo estuvo bueno, calido y despejado. Estabamos poco entrenados, por eso tardamos tanto; hay gente que sube el cerro desde el centro de ski Vallecitos en el mismo dia." - Adolfo Calle, julietafarina2, Feb 19, 2012
"We were on a 2 day trek, and climbed this peak in 5 hours after starting from a refuge nearby. There wasn't any climbing involved but was challenging at times with steep areas of scree and boulders." - Cerro San Bernardo, Tri_state, Apr 28, 2011

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