13,231 ft / 4,033 m


2 summits

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September  100%

Most climbed route

Traverse from Gendarme Peak

"What a pile of *&%# ( I mean choss). Wow was this a mentally draining climb. First we went up the wrong chute gaining the ridge. We thought we were going up Jigsaw Pass but went up another pronounced chute which took us to the west side of Aperture. Not knowing we were off route already, we put on our harnesses, helmets and roped up to start climbing. Within minute we were pulling off 300 pound blocks on a 5.6 traverse on backside (north?) of Aperture. After another 30 minutes or so of intense and mentally draining climbing, we gained the proper ridge. We must have cleaned several tons " - DrBoz, Sep 13, 2014


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