6,240 ft / 1,902 m


520 ft / 158 m


24 summits

Top climbing months

September  41%

October   16%

June   12%

Most climbed route

Rachel Lake Trail to Alta Ridge

"Great summit for a sunny day with views. Took the traditional route via Rachel Lake. The trail was in a good condition. Smooth cruising all the way to the summit. Not many berries but abundance of mushrooms for those interesting in mycology." - Gabigabs, Sep 20, 2014
"Despite getting rained on twice and being surrounded by clouds nearly the entire trip, this was one of my favorite hikes. The dogs and I visited dozens of alpine lakes, saw tons of marmots and hawks, and experienced a unique climate created by converging cloud fronts of precipitation and smoke. We were even lucky enough to spend an hour or two above the clouds on the summit. We started off under thick clouds from the unofficial trailhead at Rocky Run Creek off NF road 136. I glimpsed a tent through the fog on the way past Lake Lillian and encountered a lone hunter clad in blaze orange on t" - Jeb, Sep 22, 2012
"Intended to head up Hibox but decided to abort after getting completely soaked and lost in the shrubbery. Turns out I fell for the classic Hibox mistake of taking the wash trail through the 2nd big clearing instead of the dirt climber's path in the forest AFTER the clearing. But salvaged the day with a great hike up Alta Mountain. No viz at all above Rachel Lake... cloudy and damp the whole way down the ridge. Couldn't see beyond each false summit so over and over thought I was on top... but after a minute would see a dark mass higher than me swirling in the mists. The most false summ" - scott, Sep 9, 2012



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