4,340 ft / 1,323 m


640 ft / 195 m


73 summits

Top climbing months

July   21%

August   16%

June   14%

Most climbed route

Allen herdpath

"Cloudy damp and muddy day. The climb up the Allen brook was fogged in and created an awesome scene. While I did not have a view from a summit, it did not take away from my enjoyment of the hike. Only one hike left to finish the 46." - Right-On, Oct 14, 2017
"Finally got a great day to take on Allen. We attempted this after a heavy rain storm in June but due to the flooding had to turn back. This had to be my favorite High Peak so far. A bit of everything is on this hike. A long 5.2 mile walk through the woods to the herd path following for a bit the Opalescent River, across many water crossings, heavy woods and open fields. The trek to the summit was steep, steady, very wet and slippery especially following the Allen Brook and the slide. Views to the North at Marcy, Skylight were great. This hike is well worth the trip." - hbotc, Jul 29, 2017
"Number 40/46! What a feeling! Solo. Started out at the trailhead just before Upper Works at 0500. With the brightest Super Moon since the 70's helping light my way, I followed the Lake Jimmy divert trail, which I took when I did Mt Adams. I still love that crazy suspension bridge over the Hudson. Continued onto the gravel road for quite some time after the watchmans cabins, and then hung a left to the trail around Lake Sally, which I really didn't like at all. Huge mud bogs that could really use some planks. Temperatures were in the 20's, so it was crunchy black mud for awhile. This led out t" - kellieirene, Nov 14, 2016
"Began our journey around 9 AM. Unlike most of the other people on the trail, we had opted to do this as a two day camping trip. We made decent headway down the flat road part of the trip. Enjoyed the water crossing. And eventually ended up at the base of Mount Allen where we established the tents nice and early. It was a good night, warn and the moon was in full glow. We were able to hit the trail head again at 530 the next morning. Three hours up the steepest muddiest path I have encountered so far. We reached the summit (832 AM). The summit itself is wooded, but there are " - Kazmuglin, Jul 17, 2016
"A long hike along a herd path. Met only 1 person on this hike. There was muddy water on the rock slab that was super slippery. Don't step in it. Crazy Hazy kind of day. Could see Marcy and Haystack just beyond the summit. Looking towards Panther, etc, the haze just destroyed the visibility. Didn't bother taking many pics." - newenglandwarrior, Sep 2, 2015



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