11,627 ft / 3,543 m


859 ft / 261 m


9 summits

Top climbing months

July   40%

June   20%

February   10%

"Done as part of the Mount Blanc Special run by KE but really organised by Chamonix Experience. From Refuge Albert Premier. We got up at 4am and left shortly before 5am. Rhona Fraser and I went with guide Octavio Defazio to climb the north summit of Aiguille du Tour (3544m). The others went to climb the south summit with Richard Mansfield. We followed a track to the Glacier du Tour and then went up the glacier, passing to the left of Signal Reilly. We crossed the Col Sup du Tour (3289m) to reach the Plateau du Trient. We climbed to the col between the North and South tops on snow. From the col " - peter43, Jul 17, 2007



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