12,326 ft / 3,757 m


3 summits

Top climbing months

July   33%

August   33%

October   33%

Most climbed route

Via side of Kletting Peak

"Doing a pack trip with a friend for the weekend. The destination was Hell Hole Lake. A little spot surrounded by Mountains. The hike started at the a bridge South of Stillwater Campground and just off the Christmas Meadow road. A couple mile along an access road before the trail splits off South and follows a stream up to Hell Hole. This such a peaceful little spot. Woke up the next day, my friend wanted to try the fishing while I climbed the chute to the East up to A-1. The area I chose to climb is steep with plenty of loose rock, but it takes you to the drift of snow that gives A-1 it" - CacheMACS, Aug 5, 2016


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