New and improved, is my life. I've gone through many upon many life changes mostly all for the positive betterment of my life and those around me. So many of these amazing and most recent changes began at a magical place called Coachella, where I found a new and amazing wealth of people. I better was able to love everyone. Out of that I met my one true love, Sarah. Who helped me to bring forth the most fantastic parts of my self, like women so often do, or so I've been told. From there I have tried, and sometimes struggled, but mostly prevailed to keep that spirit, and through that spirit I have felt the greatness inside myself. Greatness is in all of us. The greatest thing about me is that I am human, and us humans can do anything. I have a beautiful daughter that I love watching grow and absorb life as I do. We live in the most amazing town South Austin.We also have a wonderful life wherever else we may be, and I have an amazing time wherever else I may be; in the ocean, on top of a mountain, underground... the moon. Life is amazing. I'm out and about running into people all over the place. Maybe I'll see you there.


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