I am very new and green to hiking. A year ago (Dec 2012) I made an almost and possibly horrendous mistake in thinking my first "hike" could be a mountain over 3000m high. I got about 4km into it, which was less than a 1/3 of the way to the summit and I turned back. Just a gut feeling, and I am glad I did. The trail was by no means difficult and I was near the first cabin where I intended to spend the first night, but it was going to be dark in about three hours but I was walking along and the trail became wet, the mist rolled in and I just stopped and turned around. I have no regrets, where I was was incredibly beautiful and I loved it, but I learnt my lessons on packing and planning etc, and I will go back if not only to that first cabin and then on wards to the summit some other time. Let me also not forget to mention, I am extremely unfit and overweight, so while I enjoyed what I did, it was by no means easy. I found while searching for places to hike in Taiwan, it's difficult to find places here as most info is in Chinese and most seasoned hikers only do the big mountains, which leaves no options for those of us who are unfit and inexperienced and wanting to start small. I also had a motorcycle accident in April leaving me on a very long road of recovery, I can only now (Dec 2013) starting thinking about getting back out there, slow and steady of course. I am starting small, anything under 1000m just to get into nature (I am a nature WHORE!) and then I will work up from there.


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