I am the captain of The Jolly Cakes, and I sail a fine fine ship... Captain of the Jolly Cakes, a fine fine ship, eccentric wizard, seeker of phonetic liquidity, lover of tales spun by noble bards, Virgo sun, Cancer moon, dilettante, wild child, dichromogaic eyed, poet, artist and spinner of the fire poi and staff... Greetings and salutations! I am 29, a Jack-of-many trades, and really enjoy many things, including: massage, meditation, hiking, forging (aka blacksmithing), Reiki, fire poi, fire staff, anything else outdoors that is adventurous, photography, other artsy stuff, and good food. I am reasonably intelligent, passionate, creative and very intuitive. I tend to be extroverted around my close pals, but at my core am an introvert who needs good chunks of alone time once in a while to recharge. I am working as an aide in a 2nd grade class and doing massage therapy school at night. Art and healing are my callings. Kids are good for to one and listen to what he/she has to say...You will learn a lot. Most of my free time is enjoyed by drawing, writing, and otherwise exploring the outdoors and the arts. If you want to catch up, trade stories, play some D+D or other games, go hiking, trade massages/Reiki or do anything else fun, let me know. Do you like Celtic music, and if so, let me know. Genuine people are the best people. Be well on your travels!

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