Likes a friend who is tidy, clean, and intelligent with a broad range of interests. Prefer people who are not given to big shows of emotion and are attracted to those who offer a sense of peace and serenity. SIMPLE,Shy but as tough as nails when the need arises.In business, will be cool,intelligent, and fully commited. Slow to love,. Not interested in anything less than true love. When it happens, will love intensely.Will only break a partnership if there has been hypocrisy. Most practical romantic. I basically shy, deadly practical, divinely romantic, perfectionist, prompt, efficient. I can fool you, if you expect me to be Virginal.I would not be part of a girly show, but i can be a lover. I may be pure of mind, but me is not dumb. I can spot a liar, so don’t try it with me. Watch your manners and language around me.he he! I can appear aloof around other people, and become a tiger (grrrr!!!) when alone with the one i loves, provided he has broken down her feelings of reserve. I am attracted to anintelligent, practical man who can make me feel important. want to serve and take care of a man of my own. As a potentially creative girl, delicately lovely; sometimes as a somewhat older woman,intelligent but rather pedantic and spinsterish. The latter impression is sometimes confirmed, refinement, fastidious love of cleanliness, hygiene and good order, conventionality and aristocratic attitude of reserve. Usually observant, shrewd, criticallyinclined, judicious, patient, practical supporters of the status quo, and tend toward conservatismin all departments of life. On the surface they are emotionally cold, and sometimes this goes deeper, for a habit of suppressing a natural kindness mayin the end cause it to atrophy, with the result that they shrink from committing themselves to friendship, make few relationships, and those they do make they are careful to keep superficial. But the outward lack of feeling may,in some conceal too much emotion, to which i afraid of giving way because i do not trust others, nor have confidencein myselves and my judgments. This is because i am conscious of certain shortcomings in themselves of worldliness, of practicality, of sophistication and of outgoingness. So bring the art of self concealment to a high pitch, hiding their apprehensiveness about themselves and their often considerable sympathy with other people under a mantle of matter-of-factness and undemonstrative, quiet reserve. still waters that run deep. Yet unassuming, outwardly cheerful and agreeable fashion, can be sensible, discreet, well spoken, wise and witty, with a good understanding of other people's problems which can tackle with a practicality not always evident in own personal relationships. considerable charm and dignity,intellectually enquiring, methodical andlogical, studious and teachable.combine mentalingenuity with the ability to produce a clear analysis of the most complicated excellent eye for detail but they may be so meticulous that they neglect larger issues. Also, although realists, may slow down projects by being too exact. practical with hands, good technicians and have genuineinventive talents, Thoroughness, hard work and conscientiousness are my hallmarks, and such perfectionists that, if things go wrong, i easily discouraged.

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