Expedition Outreach (E.O.)is my educational charity & the name of my team of explorers. Since 1995 we have been capturing people’s attention through our expeditions, extreme sports & races all over the world in order to educate about issues that affect the entire human race, what we call, the World Peace Process. Inner Peace + Domestic Peace = World Peace. Several years back while on duty as a Massachusetts State Police Officer a man tried to take my life for no reason other than the uniform I was wearing. This led to massive heart failure. With an ejection fraction of only 15, a measure of the amount of oxygen leaving the heart, I was told I would never climb or SCUBA dive again & had roughly 5 years to live. Since this diagnosis I have rehabilitated my heart with intense cardiac training, using Duathlon's & other races to keep me on track. I have now strengthened my heart to an E.F. of 45 & growing stronger each day! This is something my cardiologist thought to be unprecedented. Now cleared to climb I am setting out to lead a series of expeditions I call The Wild Heart Expeditions, over the next 5 years I will travel to the 4 corners of our world shooting a documentary about my experiences. I have come to see how the more fear & adversity we face in our lives, the more space we clear in our minds & hearts to store the magic that life is meant to offer us! This is what I wish to share with others.



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