I am who I am... Take me as I am! If you dont like me for who I am I guess we were never ment to friends! I am a hard working, strong willed mother of 1. He is my world. I would never change becoming a mother at a early age for anything. My son is the reason I wake everyday. I work hard at what I do to give my son everything he wants. Yes he is spoiled beyound your imagination. I have a new goal in my life which is take life by the horns and roll with it. I lost 2 of my best friends within the last year and a half. They were a big part of my life through many reasons. They thought me a life lesson to live it to the fullest. God works in amazing ways and who knows how long I was put on this earth for! I am 30yrs young.. And dont want to get older. I want to live like I am in my 20's all over again. I wouldnt change my life for anyone so dont ask me too! I am who I am and take me as I am =). I act like a goof ball with my son in the car and crank the music up loud and sing with him... I drink coffee all day to keep me happy! I act like a little kid in public to prove I can be myself no matter the situation! I am a happy girl beyound all measures and only want people in my life that make me happy!! I try to be drama free but sometimes it seems to follow me no matter where I am! I hate fighting with people but if I need to stand I will. I have no problem in telling people they are wrong. I will admit when I am wrong, I have a fear of clowns and Hights. I am a different type of person and those who have met me either love me or hate me. I am with the most amazing man in the world. He has had his faults but has changed them beyound belief. He shows me everyday that he loves me and I am his one and only. Been with him for 8 years this coming July. We have finally decided to get married but do not have a date planned yet! We are taking thigs slower then most so we dont put ourselfs in a extreme bind of having no money. If you would like to know anything else just ask!

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