Im a positive thinker. to long i let myself go through life idly as the victim of my own reality, thinking i had no worth till one day i got sick of living with no vision. I then created a vision for myself and gave myself permission to be all i have ever wanted to be, and in doing so i gave myself the opportunity to choose. everyday is an active choice we can choose to accept life as it is and dwell in the situations that arise or we can choose to change it. we can choose to be the victim or the over-comer. that is when we have a feeling of true power in ourselves a sense of irreplaceable worth a sense that we don't have to accept the world for what it is that we all have the power to change it and we all should. Im only 27 im still young and i will always remain young at heart, im always open to change and embrace it. life is not watching or reading of the great adventures of the past, it is creating your own adventures whether in business, sport, family, technology or any endeavor adventure is found in going past what everyone deems impossible.

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