A writer in United Kingdom living in a thought: We only live in this life once, if we just living it right. Once is enough. It's been 4 years that he is writing articles in his own interests, he began to love writing due to his father's accomplishments as a journalist. He acquired the skills of his father in terms of written skills. Both of them loves factual information and current events. Thus, he has his own likes besides writing. A pet lover, nature saver and a fashion addict. This person is very kind to all animals, even wild or domestic. Due to this, he studied the nature animals specifically dogs, cats, rabbits and horses. He keeps on reading blogs and articles about why frontline for dogs is necessary and how Dog wormers affects the whole performance of his dog. He makes sure that his pets intake quality and tested Pet medicines. He is considered as nature lover because he always joins programs about the environment care cause and preservation of earths natural resources. Complicated person yet very contented with his life.


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