The true happiness in life could be seen in people you really love, and not on things that you have wished to have. This is the virtue that he had lived for. James knew that material things can give you happiness, but this will never be a forever. If you really want to feel a constant joy, you should learn to love other and share them what you have. He is a man from Texas. He had lived in this place for more than 32 years. This is the place where he had learned everything. From the things that he needs to do to the dreams that he wants to come true. He had so many memories in this place. He has so much interest which he enjoyed while living in Texas. Some of these were photography, whiskey still making guide and painting. There are various places in their state that he loves to be his subject. These simple thins add joy and happiness to his life. Visit us to know more about James interests and stories.


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