Peakery has ranked me #5 all time but that is far from true. I know climbers who have accomplished much more than me. Compared to them I am not much more than a poser. Discovered 'peakery' when searching for information about Terrace Mountain and decided to join. I have summit-ed more than 330 peaks but just for fun decided to bag as many 'firsts' as possible on 'peakery'. Others grabbed the more popular peaks from my database but it has been fun remembering the hikes and climbs to some of the lesser known summits. My best climbing days are behind me but this site has fanned the flames. Maybe there is still a 14'er left in me. A hearty "well done" to the creators of 'peakery'. Note: I decided to remove all multiple summits and just claim unique peaks. It was the way that my friends and I have counted mountains for 40 years. Peakery may have made a mistake determining leaders by using multiple summits. Arrived at this conclusion when my wife suggested I claim a small peak that I began to summit 30 years ago with a friend on training runs. We ran to the top of Rocky Peak, two miles-1100 feet of gain, three or four times a week for nearly three years. 156 x 3 equals 468 summits. It just didn't feel right posting all those claims. One peak, one claim. Cheers.


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