I am the inventor of the original bear hug Behold the power of Cheese!!! I think these "about me" describtions are a bit overrated. It's kinda pathetic when people are able to sum up enough about them into a couple of paragraphs or worse, even a few sentenses. But, Alas... I will attempt to do the same since I'm limited on time and I have to get something to eat eventually... There is so much to say and most of you probably wouldn't care one iota. I would like to freak everyone out by letting them know that I'm deaf which is more likely a warning than actually a huge "stay away" sign on me (actually it's rather a small sign, 3 by 5 inches). I still love to meet new people and talk to them.... Yes, i can talk, I can speak, beg, and roll over too. If you wish to know more about me, you'll just have to email me and ask since my tummy requires some well deserved attention at this moment....

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