Former Marine Sniper Hawaii IronMan Triathlon Finisher BillionJ is my geocaching handle. Yes, Billion is my legal first name. Since my given name is William, and my Dad's name was Bill, I went by Billy my whole life until I started playing high school football. Everybody seemed to be giving each other nicknames and my nickname quickly became Billion, since it was an easy stretch from Billy. One day, “Spud”, who was from Idaho, grabbed a Sharpie and put a “9” (as an exponent) on my jersey next to my number 10 and said “now it's official, you are Billion”, (since 10 to the ninth power equals one billion). The name stayed, through college and the military. From there, I just kept on putting my credit cards, accounts, driver's license, marriage license, and social security cards in the name of Billion, and now everything, even my credit reports and mortgage says Billion. According to the system, my name has been legally changed for many years now. By the way, sometimes people will ask me “So can I call you Bill?”, My reply is always, "NO! Not with a name like Billion". ha

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