Chinese-Canadian guy born in Hong Kong, China but then under British Colonial rule. Immigrated to Vancouver Canada at an early age by my parents to pursue "the good life in Canada" whatever that is. Grew up and educated with the "White Boys" in East Vancouver Public schools amidst all the issues of being a Chinese kid. Graduated from high school with top marks in natural sciences and mathematics. and went straight into University of British Columbia on a Scholarship and completed a four year Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and Physics. Currently employed in the Information Technology industry. Experienced a lot of different jobs from dirty sweaty farm worker to amusement park ride operator to ski lift operator to restaurant dishwasher to convenience store clerk and even a unionized postal worker to boot! Have traveled to five continents for both work, vacation and personal discovery. Met lots of interesting people but never found a soul-mate yet but I know she's out there....


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