I live to explore, and push the limits of my physical and mental capacity to find true satisfaction. Any day spent seeing new places and being free to roam is a good day! I was once afraid of heights, so now I free climb rocks, trees, and buildings to conquer fear; I love skiing white-outs for the powder, deadly conditions means fresher runs; cycling has been a life-long passion, it is always an adrenaline rush whether on the road or mountain; running at night, focusing on nothing but my breath and the stars is meditation; swimming in freezing rivers to enjoy the fresh snow melt and the briskness of being alive; and backpacking through the Sierra Nevadas has taught me deep respect for nature and to always protect her for future generations. I rather eat almonds and apples than a steak and potatoes; and would lift a rock or swing a kettlebell before ever stepping into a gym. I grew up exposed to American and Swiss culture, this has given me a unique perspective on life. I constantly update my view of the world by keeping up on current events through independent media such as KPFA Free Speech Radio. Im always self-educating, thinking, and creating new ideas through philosophy and hands-on experience.

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