I am a fish at heart...but I hate deep water. I love night swimming and swimming in the dead of winter, but I hate cold showers. I love staying up late and crisp early mornings, but I hate being tired. I love horror films and ghost towns, but hate being home alone at night. I love the smell of my front yard at 8am, sun cascading through the trees on a summer evening, and snowy mountains against a clear blue sky. I love memories that are attached to a song and pouring rain in June when the leaves their greenest. And I love running through sprinklers at night in my clothes. I enjoy romance stories, but especially the kind that begin with a deeply-rooted friendship. And I value a long conversation, whether it's with an old friend I haven't seen in a year or with someone I see every day. I value my childhood, but I look forward to the future, even though I have no idea who I'll be or where I'll go.

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