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Take on the age-old challenge of summiting every peak on a Peak List, a collection of mountains usually defined by criteria such as elevation, prominence, and region. Tackling any of the 245 Peak Lists on peakery is a unique, multi-chapter adventure that will test your mettle and expose you to a full gamut of conditions and difficulties. Always use caution when pursuing any of these lists; some have yet to be completed by anyone!

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  • Japan 100 Famous Mountains 100 peaks • 71 pursuers

    The most well-known peak challenge in Japan, published by Kyūya Fukada in the 1964 book Nihon Hyakumeizan. Selection based on 3 subjective criteria: grace, history, and individuality.

  • Japan 200 Famous Mountains 100 peaks • 14 pursuers

    When you've climbed Japan's 100 Famous Mountains, what's next? Japan's 200 Famous Mountains (Nihyakumeizan) of course! Includes 200 peaks (the original 100 plus 100 more) selected based on grace, history, and individuality. Note peakery only includes the 2nd set of 100 peaks here. Created in 1984 by the Fukada Club, a fan club for Kyūya Fukada. Thanks to peakery member Yoshihito Niimura for help with this challenge.

  • Japan 300 Famous Mountains 72 peaks • 8 pursuers

    [work in progress] An even bigger challenge in Japan's mountains for the truly obsessed, Japan's 300 Famous Mountains (日本三百名山 or Nihon Sanbyaku-meizan) includes 300 peaks (the original 100 Famous plus 200 more). Note peakery only includes the 3rd set of 100 peaks here. Also note it includes 101 mountains because Warusawa-dake is included in the Japan 200 Mountains but not in 300 Mountains (just to make it more confusing!). Created by the Japanese Alpine Club (日本山岳会) in 1978 as an extension of the Japan 100 Famous Mountains challenge. Thanks to peakery member Yoshihito Niimura for help with this challenge.

  • Japan 3000m Peaks Challenge 18 peaks • 60 pursuers

    Explore the highest peaks of Japan! Includes all peaks at least 3000 m high with at least 100 m prominence.


  • Europe Country High Points 38 peaks • 291 pursuers

    Explore the heights of Europe! This incredible challenge brings you to the highest points in every solely European country. To make the challenge more compact and achievable, excludes countries also located in Asia and peaks in island territories. A tremendous achievement in its own right but also a stepping stone to one of the biggest global peak challenges: the World Country High Points.

  • Alps 4000m Peaks Challenge 82 peaks • 112 pursuers • 1 finisher

    Get up to the alpine! The famous Alps challenge. Includes peaks in the Alps over 4000 m lying in France, Italy, and Switzerland from the official 1994 UIAA list. A hit-list of famous alps mountains, a true lifetime mountaineering challenge.

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  • Faroe Islands P400 Challenge 32 peaks • 2 pursuers

    Enjoy stunning sea views from the summits of the most prominent peaks of the dramatic Faroe Islands. Includes the 32 peaks in the Faroe Islands with at least 400 m prominence. A tough hiking/winter ski-touring/rock climbing challenge on peaks not in permanent snow. Created by peakery member Mark Trengove from data compiled by Andy Tomkins.

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  • Great Crown of the High Tatra Peak Challenge 14 peaks • 34 pursuers

    Climb the highest peaks in the rugged Tatra Mountains in Slovakia. This challenge, called the Wielka Korona Tatr in Poland, includes the 14 peaks over 8000 ft (2438 m) with at least 100 m of prominence in the High Tatras. Thanks to peakery member Kuba Wolski for help with this challenge.

  • Low Tatras Traverse Peak Challenge 28 peaks • 14 pursuers

    Summit a chain of peaks along the most stunning high ridge in Slovakia. Known in Slovak as "prechod hlavného hrebeňa Nízkych Tatier," or "crossing of the main ridge of the Low Tatras," this challenge includes the peaks along the famous main ridge trail in the heart of Low Tatras National Park (Národný park Nízke Tatry) in Slovakia. The 90km route traverses the range from Telgart to Donovaly with over 10,000 m of elevation gain. Mountain huts line the route making multi-day trips a popular option; most people take 3-5 days to complete the full traverse. Although an insane few attempt the full traverse in an ultra-long, difficult, single-day trail run.

  • Malá Fatra Peak Challenge 15 peaks • 13 pursuers

    Explore the Malá Fatra (Lesser Fatra) mountains of Slovakia. Includes all major, trailed peaks lying in the concentrated Kriváňská Fatra area of the Malá Fatra range.

  • Slovakia Major Mountains Challenge 17 peaks • 32 pursuers

    Explore the varied mountainous regions of Slovakia in this country-wide peak challenge. Includes all peaks with at least 600m prominence in Slovakia. Some are very popular -- such as Babia Gora and Velky Choc -- while others to the east seldom see visitors. Summit them all for a grand tour of this beautiful country. Created by peakery member Mark Trengove.

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