Mount Jefferson

Mount Jefferson is the third highest mountain in New Hampshire. The mountain is part of the Presidential Range of the White Mountains and is named after Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the US. The mountain has several interesting features. Two distinct ridges lead to its summit: Ridge of the Caps and Castle Ridge. The mountain is surrounded by the three dramatic glacial cirques of Jefferson Ravine, Castle Ravine, and the Great Gulf. Finally, Monticello Lawn is a large expanse of alpine grass near the otherwise talus-covered summit cone. Mount Jefferson is flanked by Mount Adams to the north and Mount Clay to the south. It is one of 9 peaks included in the famous Presidential Traverse, or Presi Traverse, which is typically done as a multi-day hut-to-hut outing or as an extreme day hike.

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280 members report climbing or hiking to the summit, most recently on Oct 19, 2016. Below are trip reports and shared pictures from their climbs.

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Routes Used trails & approaches

21% Caps Ridge trail

9% Appalachian Trail

9% Caps Ridge Trail

7% Presidential Traverse

6% Ridge of Caps

6% Gulside Trail to Jefferson Loop

6% ridge of caps

3% Jefferson Loop to Gulfside Trail

2% Castle Trail

2% Caps Ridge

2% Jefferson Loop trail to Gulfside Trail to Cornice Trail to Caps Ridge Trail

2% Gulfside trail

2% castle ridge

1% Webster Cliff Trail to Crawford Path to Gulfside Trail to Mt. Jefferson Loop

1% Great Gulf Trail to Six Husbands Trail

1% Gulf Side Trail to Buttress Trail to Great Gulf Trail

1% Valley Way to Osgood to Gulfside

1% Castle Ravine Trail

1% up to Perch Randolph trail to ridge trail to Jefferson then Adams

0% Randolph Path to Amphibrach to The Link

0% gulfside trail to israel trail to mt adams and back to gulfside, then to madison hut and up osgood trail to mt madison and down valley way

0% Mt. Jefferson Loop to Gulfside Trail to Osgood Trail to Great Gulf Trail

0% Jefferson Loop, Israel Ridge, Randolph Path, Short Line, Airline

0% Gulfside Trail to Jefferson Loop

0% Randolph to Lowe's Path

0% Gulfside to Jewel

0% Six Husbands Trail

0% The Link, Castle Ravine Trail, Israel Ridge trail, Gulfside, Jefferson Loop

0% Jefferson loop, Gulfside

0% From the summit we skirted the peaks on the west side to link to the hawker ridge trail

0% Caps Ridge

0% Caps Ridge to Gulfside trail

0% Lowes Path to Randolph Path to Edmunds Cut-off to Six Husbands

0% Loop trail to Randolph Path to Lowes Path

0% israel ridge

0% from perch up trail Gulfside trail to summit to clay

0% return same got our sleeping bags at Perch and down Randolph to Highway 2

0% Randolph Path to Short Line to Airline Trail

0% Sphinx Trail to Great Gulf Trail

0% Loop Trail to Gulfside Trial to Lowes Path up to Mt. Adams down to Madison Spring Hut then down Air Line Trial to Route 2

0% Jewell to Gulfside

0% Randolph trail


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